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What Subject Areas Count for Builder CPD Credits?

Homebuilders in BC are now required to obtain 40 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits every year as a condition of renewing their builder license with BC Housing.

CPD Credits are split into two categories: Group A and Group B.

You must ensure that a minimum of 20 out of the 40 CPD credits fall within Group A. The focus is more on Group A competencies due to being more technical.  There is no minimum requirement for Group B credits. ie. You can get all your CPD points under Group A.

Other limits to note is Active Practice – maximum total of 400 hours which equals 20 CPD points. If a builder is actively building, we recommend that they claim all 400 hours (20 CPD) under Group A to meet the Group A requirement and the builder is also half-way to completing their CPD points.

Group A is points awarded for training that is related to Building Code, Construction management and supervision, construction technology and customer service/home warranty insurance.

Group B relates to financial planning and management, legal issues, business planning and management or business ethics. 

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