Building Industry Construction Forum

January 12, 2017

CHBA-VI Hosted its 1st Annual All Day Forum at the Coast Bastion in Nanaimo, BC. It was a full day or training and education. Presenters included:

“New Home Program” Building Energy Efficient Homes – Jeff Coulombe, FortiBC and Cristi Sacht, CEA – This session was designed to educate builders and developers on the Energy Star for New Homes (ESNH) Standard, its technical eligibility requirements and building science rationale. The session also outlines the financial incentives and marketing support BC builders can access from the FortisBC New Home Program and details the builder/ Energy Advisor interaction through the stages of construction.

Combi-Systems – Paul Vaillancourt, Product Development Manager, Ecco Heating Products Ltd. – Paul provided builders with a comprehensive examination of design & installation considerations, overall performance and cost effectiveness of tankless water heater systems combined with Low and Medium velocity Hydronic Furnaces.

Energy Efficiency Provisions of the BC Building Code – Tom Weinreich, City of Nanaimo. This presentation discussed energy efficient provisions in the BC Building Code including climate zones, insulation requirements, vapour barriers, ventilation and windows and doors.

 BC’s Energy Step Code: a roadmap to Net Zero Energy Ready Buildings  – Zachary May, Building and Safety Standard Branch, Government of BC. The Energy Step Code is a set of incremental performance steps for new buildings that go from the BC Building Code to Net Zero Energy ready buildings. The Province of British Columbia has committed to introducing the Step Code for voluntary use by local governments in the Province’s Climate Leadership Plan. This presentation helped builders understand what’s in the new Step Code and how it can add value to their projects.

Making the Case for High Performance Buildings: Health, Comfort, and Value –  Andrew Chapman, NZ Builders Ltd. This presentation examined construction techniques and assemblies designed to meet Passive House and Net Zero building standards. Drawing on examples from three insulated concrete homes and two wood frame homes, Andrew Chapman discussed some of the challenges and benefits of high performance construction in the Pacific Northwest, in particular, the finding that comfort, quietness, durability, and healthy indoor environments add significant economic and lifestyle benefits to highly energy efficient homes.

TOP 10 WARRANTY CLAIMS – Rob MacCallum, Travelers Insurance. Rob presented the Top Ten Claims received at Travelers. He offers photo examples and descriptions of these common top ten claim items. Possible solutions are provided to mitigate these claims issues as well as a variety of other common construction challenges.

 ASBESTOS AWARENESS –  Sean Price, Hazpro Environmental. Sean discussed what asbestos is and what asbestos containing products are commonly found in homes on Vancouver Island. Worksafe and municipal requirements will also be discussed. He gave a brief overview of what a hazmat survey is and discuss some problems related to financing and insurance requirements.

KEYNOTE: THE STRATEGIC SMALL BUSINESS Clemens Rettich, Great Performances Group – A presentation and conversation on the disposable strategic plan. We looked at the role of strategic plans and strategic planning in small businesses. Most small businesses don’t believe there is value in strategic planning or the ‘just don’t have time for it’. Having an annual strategic planning session with quarterly reviews however, can be a huge value to a growing business.


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