Election October 15th, 2022


Vote for a progressive city council that understands the needs of your community. As demand continues to outpace supply we need action to bring housing affordability back within reach. CHBA VI believes that working with City councils across the Island that support in responsible development can make a difference.

Who Are You Voting For?


Policy Impacts Affordability

Demand is increasing with a growing population. However, construction costs are also increasing. Regulatory and building costs can stop projects from proceeding, which happens more frequently than you may think. We
need more housing supply to meet the demand, not less.

Residential construction is one of the most regulated sectors of the economy. While each approval or change
may seem like a small impact, together they can quickly impact housing affordability calculations. These changes are not limited to just market housing, and can impact projected targets and budgets for government
housing initiatives.


Get Informed Today

Make sure you are voting for candidates who understand that Housing Matters! For a full list of candidates please visit:
2022 General Local Elections